Come Experience the Seasonal Transitions With Me!

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Trees in winter, spring, summer, and fallIt’s all about the seasonal changes . . .

     Mother Nature adapts her  wardrobe from month to month and lets us know her current mood through temperature,  wind patterns, and precipitation levels.  The colors constantly re-calibrate  with brilliant flashes or subtle shading.  Each season receives a new pallet and uses it to make different statements, sometimes modifying the scene daily or even hourly.

 Large Lilac Bush  Aromas dance on the breeze – raindrops on dirt, just-cut grass,  lilac bushes, or mountain pines.  Inside, as soup simmers on the stove, bread bakes in the oven, or popcorn explodes into kernels, the smells start our digestive juices flowing in anticipation of luscious tastes.  Fresh Strawberry Pie

   In winter, snow crunches under our steps and the song of birds accompanies the much welcomed warmth of spring.  A stream gurgles as it flows over pebbles and rocks in summer, and an autumn campfire crackles while marshmallows darken on the end of sticks.

Just like Mother Nature, we alter our clothing to fit the shifting environmental conditions, and move from swimming at the beach to cross-country skiing along a whitened trail.

So much variety.  Never boring, always something new.

Wheat field ready to harvestIcicles hanging from the roofMy blog is about the transformations, the traditions, the holidays, the food, and the activities.  I want to share the joy I find in the journey and the many  ways to make memories.  We will travel to locations far and wide, entertain family and friends, and make fun decorating changes.  We will review  the books that explain the world and it’s wonders.  The possibilities are limitless:  recipes, photos, activities, collections, music, souvenirs, and conversations.

Colored leaves in autumnDaffodils in the rock garden

With every post, I will document the equipment and supplies needed.  I will provide the instructions needed, and the sources for you to easily obtain what you need to duplicate the experience.

Halloween costumes at Grandma's party

I hope you will share your insights.  Your seasons and memories might be different, and I would love to hear about your corner of the world.

Please leave comments and subscribe to my email list so I can notify you of new posts.  Most of all, thanks for joining me in experiencing and documenting  the Seasonal Details!



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